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DASCH Associates Pty Ltd

Creative workspace is defined as much by its ease of use as its architecture.

We pride ourselves on working creatively with inexpensive finishes to create interesting and unexpected results. Our new Melbourne office reflects our creative savvy and the warmth and attitude contributed by our design team.Interior performance can be measured in human and organisational terms: higher productivity, greater creativity and innovation, increased patronage or sales. Hitting the mark means designing not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use

The mainstream workplace draws inspiration from many different sources, including, of late, creative companies. Firms that depend on creative work think about their own work settings.

We chose openness, Opting to give more space to collaboration and less to focused work. We provided added value's teams with long work tables that can be used in a more fluid way than individual workstations, by creating a workplace setting that's a bit like the long tables at restaurants that encourage open communication across the team which also encourages a strong support structure. We added small team spaces across the new office, to enable a few staff to meet up over any aspect of the creative design process. Now they can land and work almost anywhere in our space. Valuing creativity and collaboration is one thing we then need the workplace to support the most and on which performance and innovation depend.
The time is right for others clients to follow this lead and we like use our office to demonstrate how this works.

Community and Privacy

In all our fitout works we have found that we are recommending to most firms, a single-floor identity helps staff understand of how the firm works and gives them a more chance to access the whole with a lot more openness.
To delineate distinct work spaces without closing them off, we used steel curtains and open work spaces to as divisions allowing staff to still feel private. This is a sustainable strategy that lets natural ventilation do its work unimpeded. To balance the needs of collaboration and heads-down work, shared settings like meeting rooms and phone rooms are housed within the structural core for central access and acoustical separation.

A Principled Approach

Three design principles guide the creative workspace.

First, the ebb and flow of creative work benefits from openness and flexibility. Members of the creative teams need to be able to sit together as their projects require.
Second, promoting social interaction is crucial. For the Gen Y — the newest to join the creative workforce — "social exchange breeds success" is a core belief. And these newcomers expect the workspace to promote interaction.
Third, visual and acoustical privacy is important. Both the setting and its protocols need to support these privacies.

Whilst employees fear for their jobs and fear for the longevity of their employer the current situation has actually exacerbated the battle for talent. Lean, agile firms like us still need to attract and retain the very best people to help us survive and thrive - and we certainly want to keep our talent focused, motivated, productive and innovative. The New office space is one part of that bigger picture mentality here at Dasch Associates.