commercial office building_

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We specialise in midcareer repositioning_

  • Sometimes the focus is just on the lobby and public spaces
  • In other cases, it involves giving the building a new outer skin, replacing the old one in the whole or in part

The underlying goal is to heighten the appeal of the property in the marketplace, help the owner assess where the value is and then unlock it.

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    We also help potential tenant by evaluating efficiency relates which can be a direct value with in the rental costs.

    Floor plate configuration_

  • Consistency, flexibility for different planning options;
  • To maximise internal planning efficiencies;
  • Interactive spaces: location and aspect; and
  • Degree of visual connection (communication) possible.
  • Depth of space_

    • Access to daylight and views;
    • Flexibility for planning configuration;
    • Proportion and location of space for effective use as storage and support facilities.

    Planning grid/ window mullion spacing_

    • Suitability for tenant needs and planning module.

    Core design_

    • Location, distance to bathrooms and lifts;
    • Capacity for subdivision to allow tenancy expansion or contraction via subletting;
    • Impact on tenancy design and corridor locations.