Do You See What I See?
An interesting documentary by the BBC on colour!

As interior designers it's interesting to see how we all perceive colour differently and how, as we know, colour can impact people’s lives. As Designers we have the ability to influence how people react and interact within spaces and environments which we design through planning, materials, products and of course, colour. It was fascinating to also see how colour is embedded into our psyche and inherently in tune with our ‘body clock’ – did you know that blue seemingly makes time speed up? The documentary shows how our perception of colour can be influenced by age, gender, mood, language range/ability, education and personal experiences.

"Your eye doesn’t simply see color — your brain creates it by drawing on knowledge of what things should look like.”

Follow the link below to watch this documentary for yourself. Enjoy!

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WHY - Work Life
“No matter what kind of work you do, or if you do it alone or together, this is how work gets done. In every workplace around the world you’ll find people engaged in the following 10 activities”

An interesting observation conducted by the team at Herman Miller on how we interact with each other in the workplace. An observation that hits close to home here at Dasch as we work with, identify and collaborate with our clients to include the many work types within their workplace requirements. This ultimately creates an individually catered and holistic design outcome for our clients.

The full list of what we do in the workplace can be found here!

Artwork: Daniel Carlsten
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